The Electronic Case Filing (ECF) Tutorial is designed for creditors/claimants interested in learning how to use the CM/ECF system. Through guided practice, using simulated CM/ECF screens and actions, you will learn how to file pleadings and other materials using the CM/ECF system.

The tutorial consists of four modules. The first module is an introduction to CM/ECF. The second and third modules demonstrate how to file documents and run reports in CM/ECF. The fourth module provides a tutorial on working with PDF documents.

In order to obtain an ECF login, you must complete the entire tutorial. At any point in the tutorial, you can bookmark your place and return when and where it is convenient to you.

To begin, select one of the links below.

Module 1: Introduction
How to use the Tutorial

Introduction to CM/ECF

Security/Privacy Issues

Module 2: Bankruptcy Events
Filing a Proof of Claim

Filing a Notice of Appearance

Filing a Reaffirmation Agreement

Filing a Transfer of Claim

Module 3: Query Debtors and Cases
Make a Query

Docket Report

Module 4: Working with Documents
Printing to a PDF Writer

Creating a PDF by scan