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Judges' Court Calendar
The Judges online weekly calendar contains date and time as well as case number, debtor name and hearing information. The online calendar is updated daily and viewers can search by judge, date or time range.

Click on a Judge's name to view their current week Court Calendar. If you would like to view the entire calendar with date selection options, please click the full court calendar link below.


Judge Karen S. Jennemann

Judge Cynthia C. Jackson

Judge Arthur B. Briskman


Judge Jerry A. Funk

Judge Paul M. Glenn


Chief Judge Michael G. Williamson

Judge Catherine Peek McEwen

Judge Caryl E. Delano

Judge Roberta A. Colton

Fort Myers

Judge Caryl E. Delano

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Judgment Order Book
The Court's Judgment Book may be viewed in CM/ECF by selecting "Judgment Index" under the Reports Menu.
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The Judgment Book is also available during the court's business hours at public terminals located at the Clerk's offices in Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa.

There is no charge to view this data at the court's public terminals.

New Filed Cases
If you are checking for a new case filing not yet in CM/ECF, please select the above link. Cases filed in paper format at the Court's Intake counters, are added to this reports within a few minutes of filing. Once a paper case has been opened in the CM/ECF system, it will be viewable within CM/ECF and the case will automatically be removed from this report.

View for the filing fee history table
All the relevant information, regarding filing fees.

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