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Case Management Phone List (Case Matters)

Chamber Contact Information

Instructions and Procedures

Admissibility of Electronic Evidence

Affidavit for surrendered property

Article on Gifting in Chapter 11 Liquidating Cases

Article on Cases Involving Homesteads and Foreclosure Judgments

Best Practices for Proposed Orders

Calendar Accommodation for Lawyers Representing Clients Pro Bono

Case on How to Handle Discovery Disputes

Chapter 11 Proof Of Plan Payments

Chapter 11 Sample Confirmation Order - Corporate

Chapter 11 Sample Confirmation Order - Individual

Chapter 13 Adequate Protection Order

Chapter 13 Presumptively Reasonable Debtor's Attorney Fees

Civil Discovery Practice:

Continuance Memo

Declaration of Payment of Quarterly Fees

Expense Reimbursement Guidelines

Guide to the Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019 - Revised July 2021

Guide to Judicial Practices

Guide to Judicial Preferences

Guidelines - Affidavits Supporting Applications to Employ in Chapter 11

Guidelines - Best Practices for Reaffirmation Agreements

Guidelines - Compensation of Professionals

Guidelines - Determining Secured Status and Redeeming Collateral

Guidelines - Expedited or Emergency Treatment of Motions

Guidelines - Orders on Adequate Protection, Default & Stay Relief

Guidelines - Preliminary Injunctions and Temporary Restraining Orders

Guidelines - Proposed Forms of Orders

Handout - Ch. 7 Key Post-Petition Requirements

Handout - Ch. 13 Key Post-Petition Requirements

A how-to on getting approval to be employed as an estate professional

A how-to on getting approval to be paid as an estate professional

Language to abbreviate orders

Memorandum re: Motions to Extend or Impose the Automatic Stay

Motions to Avoid Judicial Lien

Observance of holidays not included in Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 6(a)


Order Granting Debtor's Motion to use Cash Collateral

Order Granting Motion to File Paper Under Seal

Order Granting Motion to Strip Mortgage Lien

Order Suspending Operation of Local Rules 7001-1(j)(5) and 7026-1(c)

Pointers for Adversary Proceedings

Procedure for Following Up on Proposed Orders

Proposed Orders

Reaffirmation Agreement Guide

Rule 26(f) Conferences - Best Practices

Sample Motions and Orders for Personal Injury Matters

Telephonic Appearances - Policies and Procedures

Unsworn Declarations

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