Legal Assistance Program of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida

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The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida has established a legal assistance program to enable low-income debtors (and in some instances their spouses and former spouses) to receive free legal services in certain types of cases. The legal assistance program applies to the following types of cases:

- Adversary proceedings relating to the debtor's entitlement to a discharge and/or the non-dischargeabilty of a debt.

- Contested matters concerning the debtor's claim to a homestead exemption and subsections 522(o)-(q) of the Bankruptcy Code.

- Representation of spouses and former spouses of debtors in connection with the dischargeability of obligations under marital settlement agreements and/or judgments for the dissolution of marriage.

Referrals to the legal assistance program are made at the request of the Bankruptcy Judges to whom the bankruptcy case has been assigned or at the written request of the debtor or the spouse/former-spouse of the debtor. Attorneys who have volunteered their services under this program are then contacted for assignment to the adversary proceeding or contested matter.

Attorneys interested in participating in this program should click here for additional information.