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  Amendments to Local Rules for the Middle District of Florida

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The Bankruptcy Judges of the Middle District of Florida have approved the following new and amended Local Rules, effective July 1, 2013. A brief summary of the revisions is set forth below.

The Bankruptcy Judges would like to thank the current and former members of the Local Rules Advisory Committee and the attorney members of the Mediation Rule Sub-Committee for their assistance in the drafting, review, and finalization of these new Local Rules.

1001-2 Case Management and Electronic Case Filing System-CM-ECF (Amended)
1007-1 Lists, Schedules, Statements and Other Required Documents (Amended)
1007-2 Mailing - List or Matrix (Amended)
1009-1 Amendments to Lists & Schedules (Amended)
1015-1 Joint Administration of Cases (Amended)
2002-1 Notice to Creditors and Other Interested Parties (Amended)
2002-4 Negative Notice (Amended)
2081-1 Chapter 11 - General (Amended)
2091-1 Attorneys - Withdrawals and Substitutions (Amended)
2092-1 Appearances by Law Students (New)
3018-1 Ballots - Voting on Plans (Amended)
3021-1 Disposition of Unclaimed Funds (New)
3022-1 Final Report Decree (Amended)
5005-2 Filing of Petition and Other Papers (Amended)
8001-1 Notice of Appeal (Amended)
8007-1 Completion of Record - Appeal (New)
9011-4 Signatures (Amended)
9019-2 Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mediation (Amended)



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