All Divisions of the Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida

The Court has transitioned to E-Orders in CM/ECF effective May 18, 2015. All proposed orders are submitted via CM/ECF.

For your assistance the court prepared an electronic learning module for your review. Please ensure that anyone who submits orders views the electronic learning module, prior to submission. The module may be viewed using the following link: Learning Module

Any CMECF user who has designated filing agents, will need to make adjustments within CMECF to provide your filing agent with access to submit orders on your behalf. To assist you with this process, please follow the steps outlined in the following document: CMECF eOrders Process for External Users.

Finally, an updated Style Guide providing revised order formatting for CMECF E-Orders is now posted on the Court website. You may view the Style Guide by clicking the following link: Updated Style Guide.

General Guidelines for ALL Proposed Order Submissions.

Proposed orders must be generated in Word or Word Perfect and converted to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) with the exception of consent orders showing both signatures and orders where additional attachments are required to be submitted along with the order.

Additionally, all proposed orders must be in compliance with the guidelines in Court's Style Guide which includes, but not limited to:

  • 12 point, Times New Roman font with justified right margins.
  • All proposed orders must have a 3 inch top margin.
  • Must not include a date or a signature line.
  • Must be no larger than 8.5" x 11".
  • include one of these service statements (at the end of the order):

1) For an Attorney: "Attorney [Name of submitting attorney] is directed to serve a copy of this order on interested parties and file a proof of service within 3 days of entry of the order"

2) For a Trustee: "Trustee [Name of submitting trustee] is directed to serve a copy of this order on interested parties and file a proof of service within 3 days of entry of the order"

Proposed orders that do not include this statement will be rejected and the submitting party will be required to submit a new order with the appropriate language included.

Allow for Negative Notice periods to run before the submission of proposed orders as outlined in the Court's Permissive Use of Negative Notice.:

Proposed orders may be submitted simultaneously with filing of the underlying document for items listed on the Court's Accompanying Orders List:

For more information on the drafting of proposed orders and other papers, consult the Court's Style Guide

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the rejection of the proposed order.