Attorneys and parties are welcome to come to court in person for any hearing in front of Judge Colton. In accordance with the broadcast policy of the Judicial Conference of the United States, effective September 22, 2023, no member of the press or the public may observe any hearing remotely by Zoom. Any member of the press or public must attend any hearing in person.

All trials and evidentiary hearings as well as all hearings on orders to show cause will be conducted only in person, unless specifically ordered otherwise by the Court.

Attorneys and pro se parties may appear via Zoom for Preliminary Hearings, Status Conferences, Pre-Trial Conferences, and the Chapter 13 "Rocket Docket," unless a matter is specially set for an in-person hearing by the Court. However, if you are concerned in any way about the quality of your internet connection, you are urged to attend hearings in person. Attorneys and parties electing to appear via Zoom should carefully review Judge Colton’s procedures for important information regarding Conduct During Hearings.

In complex matters, the Court is likely to set Final Pre-Trial Conferences or Motions for Summary Judgment for in-person hearing.

In Chapter 11 cases, "first day" matters will ordinarily be considered Preliminary Hearings. However, if any attorney or party anticipates presenting evidence or cross-examining any witness, at any hearing, you should plan to appear in person.

Click HERE for Judge Colton's hearing procedures, Zoom registration instructions, and language to be included in all proposed orders that schedule a hybrid hearing.