Advisory for Limiting Personal Information in Transcripts

Affidavit as to Surrendered Property
(sample affidavit to be filed with motions for relief from stay in Chapter 13 cases when the property is being surrendered)

Alter Ego Program

Chapter 13 Plan

Digital Audio Files of Proceedings Now Available via PACER

Document Deficiencies (top ten list)

Instructions for Post Confirmation Plan Fund Status Report - In confirmed Chapter 11 Cases where a Liquidating Trustee (or similar position) is appointed, the Liquidating Trustee is required to complete and file this Post Confirmation Plan Fund Status Report on a periodic basis, usually every six months, as long as the case is open and the trust is operating. Click here to view the form. Click here to view the form (Microsoft Excel is required).

Hearings - Digital Audio Recordings | Request for Copy of CD only (Non-Transcript Request)

Judicial Response to Recommendations of District Wide Steering Committee's Memo Regarding Stay Relief for Discussion and Consideration

Motions Requiring Simultaneous Submission of Proposed Orders

Order Approving Debtor's Disclosure Statement and Confirming Debtor's Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization

Order Authorizing Employment of Attorney

Order Granting Debtor's Motion to Approve Wage Deduction

Order Granting Debtor's Motion to use Cash Collateral

Order Granting Motion to Approve Loan Modification Agreement

Order Granting Motion to Avoid Junior Mortgage Lien (Chapter 11 and 13 Cases only)

Order Granting Motion for Examination under Rule 2004

Order Granting Motion to Strip Lien - (Chapter 7 Cases only)

Order Granting Relief from Stay (After Hearing)

Order Granting Relief from Stay (Negative Notice)

Order Granting Relief from Stay (Upon consent Chapter 13 only)

Procedure to file sealed documents

Proposed Order Submissions

Reaffirmation Explanation (real property)

Reaffirmation Explanation (vehicle or personal property)

Rule regarding voluminous Motions for Summary Judgment

Telephonic Appearances - Policies and Procedures